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a resource for all educators, artists, scholars, researchers, and students who are interested in how sounds (music included) makeup our world and experiences with it. We are a community open to exploring all ontologies and epistemologies surrounding sound, with a particular interest in how these ways of knowing and being might inform teaching and learning. All are welcome who share a sincere interest in this project!


Our first conference was held in the summer of 2021. The original conference website can be accessed here.

All session videos from 2021 are linked in Conferences.

Click here for more detailed information about our organizational structure and guiding statement.

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Sound, Meaning, Education is an interdisciplinary organization for scholars, arts practitioners, teachers, students, and advocates who are interested in issues at the intersection of sound, meaning, and education, as well as promoting resonant, equitable and sustainable existences. 


Sound, Meaning, Education seeks to:

  1. Create virtual and in-person spaces for conversation in and around sound, meaning, and education.

  2. Develop and support  research, scholarship, and creative activity in and around sound, meaning, and education.

  3. Value educational and pedagogical research and practices as they relate to developing resonant, equitable, and sustainable existences.

  4. Advocate for the presence of sound studies scholarship and practice within music studies.

  5. Offer resources for professional development that establish connections among members.

  6. Amplify news and upcoming events related to sound, meaning, and education.

  7. Revise our guiding statement iteratively to respond to and reflect the evolving contexts, intent, goals, and composition of the organization.


Transparency of Leadership and Organizational Structure:


The founders of the organization, jashen edwards and Rebecca Rinsema, handle outward facing, day-to-day implementation of the organization’s values via the website. Development of the Guiding Statement, as well as creation, review, and implementation of new projects are a collaborative effort by the leadership team, which includes: 


    ANTÍA GONZÁLEZ BEN (Music Education, University of Toronto)

    JASHEN EDWARDS ( Western University | IICSI) 

    JASMINE HENRY (Musicology, University of Pennsylvania)

    REBECCA RINSEMA (Music, Northern Arizona University)

    PATRICK SCHMIDT (Music Education, Teachers College, Columbia University)


There are a variety of opportunities for involvement with SME, including institutional partnerships and individual service. Please contact us if you have an interest in supporting SME in these ways or otherwise. 



Before we became an organization, Jashen Edwards and Rebecca Rinsema organized Sound, Meaning, Education: Conversations (2021), a virtual conference supported by Northern Arizona University and Western University. The annual fee for the website is currently funded by Western University.

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